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Desert Magazine Fall 2005
Photos by Tom Brewster

Palm Desert Feng Shui expert Gisi Stupp travels all over the southland consulting with homeowners and businesses about bringing their dwellings and lives into harmony with nature, time and space. Feng Shui literally means “wind and water” and refers to the flow of energy or Chi. Stupp’s most notable or unique assignment might be her Feng Shui assessment of the Santa Monica Amusement Park. Stupp sensed immediately that the Chi, or positive energy, was blocked at the amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier. Specifically, she found that the west entrance obstructed the energy flow because the airplane ride was sitting right in the middle, blocking people from moving freely. “The mouth of the Chi was blocked,” Stupp explains. “The park moved the entrance a few feet to the north, as well as moved around some of the rides, to balance, harmonize and open up the area.” Stupp is presently working on a television series for PAX-TV that will show viewers homes and businesses transforming and benefiting from her Feng Shui advice.

Stupp took 92260 through a home, showing us what she suggested to homeowner, Marguerite “Margi” Capozzi, to create balance in her environment that would result in a richer, healthier and happier life.

“Feng Shui literally means ‘wind and water’ and refers to the flow of energy or Chi.”

“I had Margi add a major water feature here,” Stupp explains. “Water should be in this home in the east and the southwest until the year 2024 to bring money.” She recommends 100 gallons of moving water in the direction of the house.

“Margi’s beautiful home was full of negativity,” Stupp explains. “In the family room (below), we removed a red stripe on the wall that took away from the good energy. To add positive energy, we added a chime.” She explains that metal is very positive and the fact that Capozzi owns a company that manufactures metal sculptures, Iron Concepts, is a plus. Stupp also moved a red shiny bowl from the family room into the kitchen and a metal gong from the outside patio to the family room. “You don’t necessarily need to buy anything new,” Stupp explains. “Just move things around. If you can’t afford metal objects, ten-pound metal weights will do—metal is sold everywhere.”

“I had Margi move the bed to a diagonal to make a positive sleeping position,” Stupp explains. Capozzi agrees that she is already sleeping better. “We also removed pictures of lonely women from the walls,” Stupp laughs. “We added loving couples that belong in a master bedroom.”

Two big dog sculptures were removed from the fireplace area. “The heavy bronze was taking away good energy,” according to Stupp.

In Capozzi’s kitchen, Stupp added the color red. Almost like astrology for architecture, Stupp calculates the energy needs of each room using a compass reading and the age of the home to create an energy print. “I told her to add a water feature outside the window to help unlock money.” In the adjoining dining room, Stupp had Capozzi remove two large metal sculptures of birds from the table. “They negated the fire energy.” The sculptures were placed in the entry where the house needed metal and water to become more powerful.

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